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Are your services refundable?

No, our services at are not refundable. We dedicate our expertise and resources to curate customized promotion strategies for each client, aiming to achieve the best possible results.

What sets apart as a music promotion service? is a team of passionate musicians working to create a fairer and safer music industry. With our deep knowledge of Spotify and organic growth strategies, we are Spotify experts, positively impacting the algorithm to boost your music’s visibility.

Do you use bots for promoting content?

Absolutely not! Unlike many other services, maintains a zero-bot tolerance policy. We focus on authentic growth, relying on genuine connections and interactions to promote your content.

Can promote content in languages other than English?

    Yes, can work with multiple languages. We are proficient in promoting content in English, Spanish (Pop, Rock, Reggaeton), limited Portuguese, and only rap in German. If your content is in another language, please reach out to us for review.

    What if I ordered over the weekend?

      We value our team’s well-deserved weekends, and if you placed an order late on a Friday (CET) or over the weekend, we will attend to your campaign and reach out on the following Monday.

      Is suitable for artists of all genres?

        While we cater to a wide range of music genres, may not be able to promote every song. However, we strive to provide personalized solutions and will offer a refund if our network curators are unable to promote your specific song.

        Why do organic services take time to complete?

        Organic growth is a gradual and genuine process that involves building real connections and engagement with your audience. It may take some time to see significant results, but rest assured that the rewards are long-lasting and sustainable. We appreciate your patience as we work to deliver the best possible outcome.

        Is your service legit?

        Absolutely! At, legitimacy and real fan engagement are our top priorities. We have a vast network of curators who cater your music to relevant playlists with real followers. Our team strives to ensure that your song is placed in playlists that align with your genre or style, fostering authentic growth.

        How does communicate with clients during a campaign?

        At, we prioritize fast communication. Each order is assigned a dedicated campaign manager who keeps you up-to-date and guides you throughout your campaign journey.

        How long does a typical campaign last?

          The exact duration of a campaign is determined by the curator of the playlist. Generally, campaigns with last between 2 and 4 weeks.

          Is dedicated to delivering legitimate streams?

            Yes, at, we are committed to nurturing real fan engagement. We work with a network of curators who place your music in relevant playlists with genuine followers, ensuring authenticity and real growth.

            The playlist that I was placed in is not specific to the genre of my song.

              Sometimes your song may be placed in playlists that contain multiple genres. Our team carefully selects playlists that match the style and vibe of your music, ensuring optimal exposure and engagement. For instance, a radio playlist may include Pop, Country, and Indie genres, aligning your song with the appropriate context.