Limited Time offer – Spotify Ad campaign up to 3.5K+ Plays USA + Worldwide


IMPORTANT without this information your campaign will not get started


Boost your music’s reach with our premium streaming service. We provide a consistent influx of plays for your tracks and albums, offering you a transparent insight into your music’s performance with daily play counts and popularity index.

This is not a Monthly listens campaign. “PLAYS ONLY” If you need Monthly listens, please refer to out Monthly listens Ads campaign services.

Key Features:

  • High Volume Plays: Enjoy up to 3500+ plays from a mix of USA and worldwide premium listeners.
  • Additional Reach: Benefit from up to 1000+ extra plays from our global premium audience.
  • Organic Traffic: Our service generates super organic traffic through strategic ad campaigns, with a duration of about 2-4 weeks.
  • Organic Stream Campaign: Increase your music’s reach and engagement with our organic stream campaign.
  • Save Campaign: Take advantage of our up to 1K+ save campaign, designed to enhance your music’s visibility and longevity.
  • Fan Acquisition and Visibility: Gain more fans and increase your visibility in the music industry.
  • Get Heard: Our service ensures your music gets heard and found by listeners worldwide.
  • Celebrity Status: Use our service as a stepping stone to achieve your dream of becoming a celebrity.
  • Earn Royalty: Our service supports royalty earnings, allowing you to earn from your music.
  • Authentic Listens: We guarantee 100% real listens from the USA and around the world, ensuring your music reaches genuine music enthusiasts.
  • Premium Plays: Our service emphasizes premium plays, ensuring your music is heard by engaged and dedicated listeners.


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